This is Fortidon

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Hello there! My name is Fortidon, adventurer and and the curator of the finest museum in the world. I travel the world in search of the rarest artefacts, and bring them back here, The Museum of Fortidon, for any fellow admirer to purchase for themselves.

My museum has many floors, The atrium, where we reside currently is the best place to be when you want to keep up to date on what i am up to. My office is on the top floor, there you can find out my incredible story of how i came to be, and all the places ive been! If you look around carefully, you might find a few surprises on my shelves as well. Just below that is the main attraction, the Artefacts Room. Here i have my vats array of cabinets, where all the curiosities are stored. If you find one you like, why not take it home with you! Then there’s the info office, its where you will find all the FAQ’s you desire. Finally the basement, this is where any artefact you purchase is boxed up in our finest hessian export sacks to be delivered right to your door.

So wander my halls, poke around my office, and most importantly VENTURE FORTH!

Fortidon is the one and only adventure themed, story driven apparel brand. Born from the love of adventure, mystery and ancient history, Fortidon brings you the finest made apparel, served in natural hessian sacks. Each design is one of a kind, and once its gone, its gone! Fortidon is made exclusively in the UK, and uses natural and recycled material for its packaging.