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"Welcome to my office. There's plenty of secrets to be found so do take a look!"

"You can find the Story of Fortidon on my desk..."


"My name is Fortidon, welcome to my museum.

This is my sanctuary, a place that I can call home, filled to the rafters with anything and everything that I have found on my adventures across the globe, and beyond. Guided there by my mystical compass, I have returned to show the world the many fantastical finds I have discovered.

Each curiosity and antiquity is displayed proudly in the exhibition halls of my museum. Avid adventurers may even take home a few rare artefacts to add to their own collections.


Who is Fortidon I hear you ask? Well, some call me an archeologist, an admirer of artefacts from times long since past. Others might say, an eccentric and ravenous collector. I however, like to think of myself as a devoted explorer. If there is a place undiscovered I will find it and bring back with me a little piece of history for all to see.

As for how I got into this line of work? Well, it all started out when I was a young lad, following my father on an hunting expedition into unexplored territory. A series of harrowing events led to my disappearance in the deepest of darkest forests and well... there's a lot to this story, but lets just say I left that jungle a new man, a man named Fortidon. More will be revealed in time. There’s much to say about my past, including my many adventures, so all will be revealed page by page with each new artefact I unveil. There are so many more adventures to come, so keep an eye out.

All that is left to say to my fellow explorers is, VENTURE FORTH!"